About Us

Whose website?

At present this is a private initiative that was started in 2016. My name: Klaas Kouwen. Roots: Canada / Holland. Study background: Biomedical Engineering. Experience: 28 years in the medical X-ray industry, mainly as an instructor. Recent vocation: headmaster (principal) of a 300-student mission school (KG – JHS) in a bush town in Ghana from 2007-2017.

Why this website?

Support for a young earth and biblical creation, both on websites and in public presence makes me very happy. It is so encouraging to see that there is a vigorous testimony of faith in the Bible for all to see.

What makes me sad is that this presence is mainly in the western world. People in developing countries are often not aware of these efforts. Although a great majority simply believes that the tremendous order they see in nature points to a Creator, confrontations with the factual presentation of Darwinian evolution in tertiary education brings much confusion.

Students and teachers on the African continent (and in other developing countries) need to hear that acceptance of Darwinian evolution is also based on faith; actually much more faith than is needed to believe the biblical record. Moreover, those that believe in God and the Bible need to understand that Darwinian evolution fully opposes the presence of God as Creator.

It is my prayer that this website can be an easy access point to information, presented in a simple mainly-text manner for those whose first language isn’t English, and do not have access to fast Internet. May many hear the Good News and learn to stand securely on God’s Word!